Top Benefits of Buying a 17-Inch Laptop

Computers or laptops come in different sizes and types. Due to this reason, you have the opportunity to get all kinds of design and specs for any purpose you intend to use it for.If you have already decided that you want a 17-inch laptop, this means that you have already determined the right size that will suit you. By choosing a 17-inch laptop, here are the benefits that you will get.

Large Screen

typingOne of the reasons you need to purchase a 17-inch laptop is that you will enjoy a wide display. For those individuals who do not have an external monitor to use, it is crucial to understand that a 17-inch computer or laptop would be a perfect choice. In other words, when you have a wider screen, it enables better visibility.

If you are running a business that focuses more on visual products, make sure that you consider buying a 17-inch laptop. Also, if you are a photographer, a 17-inch laptop can help you conduct various tasks, and it will be easy to show your quality work pictures to customers.

Better than Desktops

If you plan to purchase a desktop, it would be better if you buy a 17-inch laptop. It will be easy to put the performance and the screen size of a desktop in a portable 17-inch laptop. With a computer, you will receive the highest configuration without the need to switch to a desktop from time to time. Therefore, a 17-inch laptop is better than a desktop.

Better Memory

As mentioned earlier in this post, the screen size enables more space for hardware installation. In other words, this means that you will be in a position of adding drivers and RAM slots that will enhance the speed on your laptop. Therefore, if you want to improve your computer’s memory and speed, consider going for the ones with large screens.


Well Built and Designed

When you are buying a laptop, it is crucial to ensure that you consider checking at the computer’s design. In most cases, most 17-inch laptops are well built and designed thanks to their free space. Due to this reason, you will notice that the keyboard feels ergonomic and natural. Therefore, make sure that you aim at finding a quality 17-inch laptop to enjoy the above-listed benefits.

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Why is it Important to Have a Cybersecurity Program?

Cybersecurity is something that everyone needs to pay attention to. A vast number of incidents are caused by people ignoring necessary security precautions, such as avoiding clicks on malicious links and maintaining secure passwords. It is no longer realistic or fair to expect the IT department to mitigate all IT security risks. In reality, it was never really about them, but about the safety of the whole organization.

Pay Attention to Data Securitysecurity protection privacy

Cybersecurity refers to technologies, processes, and practices to protect your network, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. Cybersecurity is vital to collect and store sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential information. Learn how to start building a cybersecurity program with the help of a Cyber Security Program Manager (CSP) or a Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CEET).

Increased Regulation and Legislation

Businesses need to strengthen their cybersecurity policies and regulations as new cyber threats emerge. Increasing law and legislation are becoming a reality as cybersecurity threats target corporate and federal networks. In the event of legislation against cyber threats, the focus will be on the voting systems and devices used in the 2020 presidential election.

Determine the Threat

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The cybersecurity aspect is continuously evolving as hackers find new ways to access information, which is why creating a culture of consistent threat awareness is so important. CIOs and CISOs must ensure that every employee in the organization is aware of the potential threats they may face, be it phishing emails, password sharing, or the use of insecure networks. A team meeting on cybersecurity is not enough to ensure that employees understand how to keep data secure.

Build a Firewall

A firewall is a related program that prevents outsiders from accessing data on your private network. Install free firewall software available online and make sure that the firewalls of your operating system are enabled. If your employees work from home, make sure their home systems are protected by a firewall. Keep a clean machine: Make sure you have a computer security program for your network, devices, applications, data, and all your systems.

Bottom Line

Hackers love low-hanging fruit and hope that the attacked employees will send them usernames and passwords to log into the company’s network and start stealing information and compromising the system further. Don’t let your team be that fruit – hackers love the low-hanging fruit, and so do you.


Should People Get Identity Chips Implanted Under Their Skin?

Human microchipping is the process of placing a transponder or an integrated circuit device underneath the human skin. These chips have unique identity numbers and information about their owners, including medical records, bank accounts, among others. Microchipping was first introduced in 1998 with Kevin Warnick being the first person to have a chip implanted in his body.

In 2009, together with his team, Mark Gasson made an advanced RFID device and had it implanted in his left hand. Later on, he also became the first person to be infected with a computer virus. With such developments, people are having mixed reactions whether they human implants should be enforced or not. Below are some thoughts for and against human microchipping.

Advantages of Microchipping


Having a chip will save you from having to carry your wallet wherever you go. A simple scan of your hand would easily identify you.

Access to VIP Clubs

Chips can be used to provide exclusive services to members alone. There will be no risk of stolen cards or mistaken identity as the chip is in and not on you.


Preventing Theft

Chips within your body could greatly help prevent theft. Chips can be configured to access your bank account so that you will not need to carry actual money for you to transact. Instead, a simple hand sweep over a scanner could suffice to authorize a transaction.

Kidnapping and Child Trafficking

Another common problem that affects some parts of the world is human trafficking and kidnapping. Human microchipping could, in a large way, help to fight this vice. If children could be chipped in the hospital once they are born, it could help to ensure that they don’t get mixed up. It would also greatly help in the rescue mission since it is quite easy to track a person who is kidnapped and has a chip in place.

Securing Health

It would be a good thing if one could walk around carrying their medical records and history, just in case they need it. While this might not be practical in the real world, with a chip embedded on your skin, you could have all this information, such that it can be accessed even if you are unconscious.

Disadvantages of Microchipping


Since the microchip is a computer component, it is possible for it to get corrupted through computer viruses. A malicious hacker may take advantage of this and try hacking people chips for fun or financial gain.

Health Risks

Embedding a chip in the body may lead to infections and diseases. A microchip is a foreign object, and your body may react to it, leading to infections and diseases.

The ones above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a chip in their bodies. There are those in support of the move and those that are not. Each of these groups has their reasons why the move is important. As such, it might not be possible to decide whether or not having a chip in entirely good or bad. For this reason, it should not be made mandatory such that those interested in having the chip should be allowed to get it.