Reasons to Censor the Internet

If you are keen, you will realize that the internet is censored a lot today. However, does the internet require controls or censorship? If so, what kind? Well, internet censorship is the regulation of information that can be accessed or published online. Despite the multiple responses, people have contrasting perspective regarding whether the internet should be censored or not. Most folks think that it should be censored and the regulation should address the following issues.

Political Concerns

One of the numerous reasons why people are championing the censoring of the internet is to stop it from being used as a political tool by some people to maintain the status quo. For instance, some political organizations misuse the internet by limiting the online presence of their opponents. And that is not all. Some politicians use the internet to exile or divide people into authoritarian regimes or websites that are pro overthrowing the government. With internet censorship, this will be a thing of the past.

Social and Moral Issues

The internet contains loads of information. Some are socially and morally acceptable, while others should not be accessed by kids. If they access such information at a tender age, they might experience difficulties upholding the values and morals of society. A positive impact of internet censoring is the prohibition of porn among the underage to reduce sex crimes among them. If the internet had not been censored, we could have been witnessing an upsurge in teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases as well as sex crimes like rape.


Security Problems

Today people are fighting cyber wars globally. For this reason, some sites should be censored as they are known for spreading malware as well as other cyber threats and not the message they pretend to send out. Furthermore, some terrorist groups are using the internet to radicalize the youth to join their activities. Statistics show that a huge number of people joining terrorist and extremist groups have been recruited online. Yes, you heard me, right! If the internet is censored, then the number of those joining extremist and terrorist organizations will drop significantly and some regions of the world that have known war for decades can be safe again.

Economic Concerns

Some companies that have been in business for long have been shown to use the internet to make it hard for new entrants to compete with them. Such firms have taken advantage of the internet to create a monopoly and unlevelling the playing ground. The internet should not be used to suppress competition. It should be censored to get rid of those companies that are after creating a monopoly and suppressing the growth of startups.

Personal Reasons

Today you can request information about you to be erased from the internet for good. For instance, people want some information about them to be erased online since it could prevent them from landing some jobs or embarrass them. Search engines have been forced to delete some information online to protect the privacy of internet users.