Over the recent few years, technology has continued to grow at an increasing rate. As this happens, there has also been an increase in the problems that people face today. Some of these problems are a real threat to the existence of man today. How a man deals with them, hold the key to his survival. As it is, there are those problems that scientists have to find solutions to or else the world as we know it will cease to exist. Technologies being developed today need to be directed to finding solutions to these problems, or else life will cease to exist on earth. Some of these major challenges that need immediate solutions through technology include:


Chronic Illnesses

Today, man continues to battle some chronic illnesses that have dealt a heavy blow to the human population. Some illnesses like Ebola, AIDS, and a more recent and deadlier one cancer, continue to claim the lives of most people today. The saddest bit in all this is that most of these diseases have no cure. This means that once a person sick, they can only manage the disease, but it will ultimately kill them. Scientists need to focus their energies on finding a cure to these diseases if a man is to enjoy a good peaceful life on earth.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate change is another major challenge for which scientists need to find a solution. Over the years, the climate has been changing for the worst. Temperatures continue to rise due to pollution and deforestation. Increased temperatures have led to the melting of the ice caps in the North and South poles which have led to rising sea levels. Flooding and tsunamis have become a normal occurrence as a result of this. Drought and desertification have become more severe, and if nothing is done to tame this, humanity will soon be on the blink of extinction. Pollution has been a key contributor to the worsening of the climatic conditions.


As human life becomes more and more comfortable, the human population has continuously improved. If the population growth is left unchecked, the earth will soon be past its capacity to holding capacity. Today, most wildlife is in distress owing to the human encroachment to their land. Scientists need to find optional planets that man can colonize to relieve the earth some of the population. Space exploration needs to be stepped up so that we can get new homes for the ever-increasing human population. Overpopulation has also increased pollution.

The ones above are some of the most crucial challenges that technology needs to address first. All the above challenges if left unchecked, can render human life extinct. Some of the technologies being developed today like artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the best technologies developed so far. With the right applications of these technologies, there is still hope for mankind. It is possible to deal with some issues like global warming by employing the right technology.